Upcoming MSI Features

Cloud-based Deployment

Access your MSI software anytime and anywhere you have a secure internet connection.

Single Sign-on Technology

Sign in once to access every module and function in the MSI software suite while reducing password hacking vulnerabilities.

Full Screen Display

Fit your display to match your comfort level and increase your multi-tasking ability using multiple monitors and displays.

Advanced Search Options

Find important documents and records quickly using the semantic search function

Document Management

Allows storage of digital documents associated with a specific account or employee

Custom Reporting Dashboards

Configure custom dashboards to report on key metrics and export data to common formats


Q3 2019

Announcement of the project and initial customer feedback

Q4 2019

Customer feedback on the technology, timeline, funding and path for the project

Q1 2020

Launching User Interface Development

Q2 2020

Development Kickoff!
Conversion Testing and Troubleshooting Starting

Q3 2020

Development Phase 2
First Modules Testing and Database Upgrade

Q4 2020

Quality Control and Database Enhancements

Q1 2021

Product Launch and Controlled Introduction for Phase 1 Modules

And Beyond

Implementing Phase 2 Modules and Features

Frequently Asked Questions

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The new MSI will keep the same familiar shortcuts and keystroke patterns but will add sought-after capabilities and adopt a modernized user interface, requiring minimal training for existing users. The underlying workflow of the processes will not change, users will go through the same steps and functions in the software that they do today and while all of the screens will be redesigned, the same information that users are accustomed to seeing will still be displayed.

Based on the current project schedule, we expect the new MSI to be available to our customers in early 2021.

We do anticipate there to be some implementation and training cost but those will be nominal.

We don’t expect there to be many pre-requisites other than an updated version of MSI. We plan to have a pre-requisites doc created and available by mid 2020.

Upgrading to the new version of MSI will consist of installing and configuring the components associated with the new version as well as training staff on its use. Installation of these components will be done remotely, and clients will have the option of having training performed on-site or remotely. To schedule a migration please call 1-888-450-6696.

We expect the upgrade process to be painless and will not affect your business.

The same MSI staff who support you today will continue to support you on the new version of MSI. Our Support group has been actively involved in our updated MSI project since its initial inception.

Yes. As we expect this product to expand in the region we’ll continue to add support and development staff.

Not necessarily, but at a certain point, bug fixes will only be applied to the new software. Eventually, yes, it will be mandatory to upgrade to the new version of MSI. In the meantime, Harris will continue supporting versions 7.5 and above of MSI while we work with our customers on scheduling the upgrades. The next maintenance increase will be applicable regardless of what version you may be running at that time.

Although we always encourage customers to upgrade to the latest version of our software as soon as it is available to take advantage of new features and new technology, customers do not need to upgrade to the new version right away. On the cost side, maintenance increase will begin rolling out starting in November 2019. Any costs associated with the upgrade will be applicable at the time of the migration, whether it is in advance of the upgrade, or if this component is done in conjunction with the upgrade to MSI.

Yes, Harris has created a Focus Group consisting of MSI customers to assist us in our project planning, validation, and overall product rollout.

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